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The site recently got rewritten with a PHP system. I ask that people report any bugs or errors to my Twitter or Facebook if you find any. Thank you!

Date rewritten in PHP: May 12th 2014

About me and whatever

So as many know i do a bunch of stuff. As such this won't be short.

First off. Many know I've been a professional video editor (and music publisher, however that hasn't really been as useful) meaning that of course I can do a bunch of video editing magic. My specialized programs are Sony Vegas Pro and After Effects. Though once upon a time I could use Blender, however most of that is forgotten now.

As a high school student, losing that job didn't affect me too much though as I still haven't moved out. Since then I started YouTube with my video editing experience and it mostly worked out. Though I'm currently not too active at YouTube and don't really consider it anything major.

Since around Christmas 2013 I got slightly interested in programming again. Though currently it's just a hobby to write some terrible HTML while I'm bored in class. Before this I used to program using Java, but I've forgotten most of it.

Lately I'm addicted to spamming Twitter and clicking circles in osu! whenever I'm bored (And I'm bored quite often) leading me to the terrible point I am at today.

I also watch a lot of anime and collect some anime objects from time to time. Basically I'm a money waster who likes moe mousepads and figures. Other than that there is little to say about my anime addiction.

As for my real life situation, that's nothing exciting. I'm a high school student studying sales and service 1st year, planning to go IT-service for my second year. Then I'd end up as one of those retards you speak with on the phone who asks "Did you try turning it on and off?" Becuase everyone loves those right?

Looking for the old site?

Unfortunately that one was shut down.

The costs were simply too high compared to the amount of visitors it actually pulled in.

It might return one day, but currently there are no plans.

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